Morning Gamora!

Continuing the Guardians of the Galaxy kick here- I got a few comics for my birthday, so I’ve started drawing Rocket, Groot, and now Gamora from them! This one’s rougher than my others, mostly because I didn’t have time to clean it up. But I did have time to give her green hair. That was important.


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I Am Groot!

Still involved with the credits project, so not much time for drawing today-



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Down the After Effects Rabbit Hole

Haven’t drawn lately because I’ve recently been dragged back down the After Effects rabbit hole- another IC alum just finished a short film and has recruited me for the end credits sequence! So I’ve been heading over to Photoshop’s neighbor on my toolbar and re-learning things in AE.

The style is very film noir, based mainly off The Big Sleep. I don’t have any WIP to show you yet, but here are a few of the reference photos I’ve been working off of, in case you want a sneak peek of the style!

Big Sleep Reference 1 Big Sleep Ref 3 Big Sleep Ref 4 Big Sleep Reference 2

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Rocket Raccoon!

Switched it up today and drew from a few panels of my Rocket Raccoon comic book. Fun fact: raccoons are not easier to draw than humans. Their faces are just as weird.




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The Boomerang Guy

Birthday weekend was excellent, but alas, no drawing got done- except for today! Today’s my birthday, so I thought I’d wrap up the festivities by drawing everyone’s favorite boomerang wielder, Sokka.

in color:




and with the color layer hidden:



His face gave me more trouble than Azula’s (I think my overall face proportions were off), but overall, I’m ok with how it turned out.

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A Firebender Birthday

My birthday’s Monday, and by Monday, I mean my birthday lasts this entire weekend- starting tonight. Listened to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack? Check. Made a peanut butter chocolate mousse cake for myself? Check. Drawn Azula, a firebender from Avatar?






I liked this one so much, I even cleaned it up a bit and colored it! I’m still working out a few kinks in coloring drawings (mainly, figuring out why things look ok on my Cintiq and then seeing uncolored spots when I drag the image onto my laptop monitor). But I’m very happy with how this turned out. Happy birthday to me!

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Hands, Faces, Knees & Toes, Knees & Toes…

No knees and toes, actually, just hands and faces today. Feeling under the weather, so two drawings (and a failed one) instead of three or four. Tried drawing Azula, definitely failed- will try again tomorrow!

Not a big fan of the hand one, but the photo I was using as reference had extremely flat lighting, and I swear the longer I looked at her fingers, the weirder they got. I blame it on the witchy fingers.




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