I’m Not Dead Yet!

I haven’t updated this blog in a while- but I swear I’m still here! Still at DreamWorks, and still working up to draft 2 of my ’13 Nanowrimo project. But outlines aren’t the most interesting things to read about, so alas, the Moosefeed has gone dry.

Until now! I just rewrote most of Rhaegal the Brave (check out that and its precursor, My Direwolf and Me) in anticipation of planning out a third Game of Thrones children’s book about Brienne of Tarth. I haven’t done any test drawings yet, so who knows how it’ll actually pan out, but fingers crossed!

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Moose’s Second Film Fest!

I tried to think up a clever title, but couldn’t because I’m too excited that Moose made it into another film festival! I just got word this week that A Christmas Moose is an official selection of the 2nd annual Annapolis Film Festival, which takes place right in the capital of my home state (Maryland, for all of you who have no idea where Annapolis is). I’m very excited that Moose will be making a (digital) trip back home to some fresh faces.

For any Maryland readers out there, Moose will be showing in the Student Short Showcase on March 30th (exact time and place TBD for now). And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the AFF here. Because what’s better than watching awesome movies in a beautiful, historic city that serves crabcakes along the waterfront? Nothing, that’s what. So check it.


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For those of you unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is every November. You don’t have to pay or even sign up with the official Nanowrimo site to participate- if you write over 50,000 words in a month, then boom, you did it! But signing up with the site (which is entirely free) allows you to track your progress, find writing buddies, get pep talks emailed to you, and learn about writing events in your area. I never took advantage of the writing events (I should have), but the pep talks were great, and knowing there was a community of people all doing the same crazy thing this month really helped me keep going. If you like writing, or want to get back into it (like I did), I highly recommend this month of silliness.

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Big News!

Big, big news! For me, at least. I’m working at DreamWorks Animation, as a PA for Crowds/FX/CFX on a feature coming out in a year! Can’t really say more about it, but just know that I am way, way excited to be back at DreamWorks as a paid employee!

Celebratory sketch coming soon!

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Flying Rhinos

Happy Tuesday! In case you were wondering, Moose continues to be employed and busy with several independent projects in the works. I’m about to start animating a segment for the girls over at Voicemails to Self, a very funny podcast you can check out through that link. I’m also starting a new drawing series that I’ll (hopefully) be releasing very soon! I don’t want to show the drawings until I have the series complete, so it might be a bit, but just know that I’m very excited about it and I think it might make you laugh. I mean, hopefully. That’s the whole point of the series.

And for reading through that whole chunk of text, here’s a flying rhino!

Ignore the foot at the top. That's from an infringing sketch.

Ignore the foot at the top. That’s from an infringing sketch.


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Moose Got Nominated!

Hi all! Just a quick post to say that my short A Christmas Moose was nominated for Best Animation at the Cincinnati Film Fest! It didn’t win, but it was one of four to be nom’d, so I’m pretty happy about that. For the full list of winners, check out their Facebook page here.

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