Geometric Derrick

Now that I’ve figured out how to draw Derrick, I can’t help myself. He had to match geo Salem.


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Now that I’ve figured out how to draw him, I love drawing him.


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John Smith + Saga = Derrick, Apparently

So a few weeks back I had tried drawing Salem from my nanowrimo, but up until now I’ve never had much luck drawing Derrick. This was the last I had drawn of him:


Liked the outfit, didn’t like the face. So back to the Cintiq I went.

I started by looking at reference of Marko from Saga:


Then trying to draw Derrick based off his face shape. It didn’t go that great- I ended up not using the face shape at all and I somehow turned out with an anime Derrick who looks a lot like a cat?


So back to square one. I tried looking up John Smith from Pocahontas and doing a rough sketch of him first:

John_Smith john_smith

And then tried using parts of my first drawing and the John Smith drawing to re-draw Derrick:


And then colored him in, just to see what it would look like:


I’m happy with this drawing, as it actually looks like Derrick to me.

For reference, here’s his counterpart Salem from a while back:


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Toothless Cat- Um, Dragon

It’s weird to think that as much as I love How to Train Your Dragon, I’ve only drawn Toothless maybe three times or so. This being the third. Gotta fix that, I guess. (White lines are a layer error- always look to see what layer you’re drawing on before you get halfway through a sketch…)


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Saturday Doodles

The boys are off in Vegas, so I thought I’d try to be productive this weekend. Drawing counts, right?

So I went back to a few drawings I had done of my last Nanowrimo character, Salem. Colored in one (roughly), sketched a few hair and clothing options, decided what I had drawn months before worked. Then drew her in the geometric style I’ve been using for the past few works. Now I’m wondering what that style would look like animated…

Salem-Sketch Salem_Looks salem_geometric

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I Got Engaged!

So it’s been a few weeks and I’m late in announcing this on here, but that’s right, I’m engaged!



So as a result, wedding planning has sort of taken up my free time. But I was able to make these today:



Hodor Society6 here!

Loki_Geo loki_phone_shot

Loki Society6 here!

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Withdrawal Drawing

The problem: withdrawal. Culprit: D&D. Solution: Drawing our characters as the Avengers. That’ll make everything better!

Up first: my girl, of course, and Iron Man, of course.

Iron Twig?


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