Sketch Dump

Shout-out to all those who run in leotards for hours to put together reference poses.

sketch-dump-01 sketch-dump-02

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Pop Funko Prince Zuko

This is what I spent my Sunday on:


For reference, this is Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender:


I’ve already made a PopFunko Aang, so I’ll need to post a photo of them together, as they’re pretty adorable.

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An Iron Man Apron!

I’ll be real, I went a little overboard on the crafting this weekend. This is what I spent all day Saturday on:


I made the apron out of red cotton and a scrap of shoelace-style ribbon I had lying around. After some futzing with a black-fabric-over-white-fabric idea for the reactor, I ended up just drawing it on a white cotton circle with Sharpie and sewing it on. If you can find a patch or an iron-on, that may look better. The gold bars are just gold cotton patches sewn on.

Will post next about what took up my whole Sunday…

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New Favorite: Mikasa

Another day, another woman who can destroy people:


(Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan)

I generally don’t draw anime characters, so I’m not used to the mile-long legs and torsos…and don’t even ask me how their gear works. Ack.

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Better Late Than Never

And after, what, a zillion weeks, here’s the line drawing of the third person in the Villain series. I wasn’t too happy with my coloring job, but thought I should post something, then eventually go back to do the re-coloring.


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Next Up in Drawings That Only Make Sense to Me

Last post I mentioned I’d do all 9 characters in this set of characters you don’t know anything about. Well, I’m a woman of my word, so here’s the second one:


Pitchforks are a mutual weapon between all nine characters, but I liked the pose without her actually holding it, so into the crystal ball it went.

At the risk of sounding horribly nerdy, I’ll elaborate a smidge on what these drawings are. If you scroll down, you’ll see a few drawings of Salem and Derrick, the two main characters of this thing I wrote. I wouldn’t call it a book, as it’s a couple thousand words too short, so let’s just call it a thing.

Salem & Derrick, my buds, live on one island of nine, and they have counterparts on each island. What I’m drawing is all of Salem’s counterparts. I’ve already drawn her counterpart from Sing-Ma (She of a Thousand Shadows, post below), and up above is the Marsh Witch from the Copper Shores.

There, was that enough nerd for ya? Feel the need to push glasses up the bridge of your nose and go read Harry Potter for the fifth time? Can’t say I blame you.

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Drawing Horses That Don’t Look Like Dogs!

Today I had a thought. ‘Why don’t you draw something other than Salem and Derrick?’ I asked myself.

‘That’s a good thought,’ I told myself. ‘Maybe I’ll even draw something people know!’

One outta two ain’t bad for a Saturday.


When I drew horses in middle school, they looked like dog-cow-giraffe hybrids with kangaroo legs. I’m happy to say that this is not that.

The woman on the horse is part of a set of characters from Salem’s world.┬áNow that I’ve done Salem and this chica, I’ll probably be doing the whole set- 9 total, I think. We’ll see how long it takes.


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