Last one in the set!


This is the pose reference I used:


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Final Toph- now with rocks!

Added earth! I think I liked drawing water and fire better. Up next is Aang!


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Toph WIP (Sans Earth)

Cannot believe I didn’t think to add earth before this. That’ll happen tomorrow.


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Meet Toph!

I always forget how much I love Toph until I see something with her in it. Her earth-bending techniques are unique- her movements are based off a different form of martial arts (Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis) than those of other earth benders (Hung Ga). So I had to find reference for that particular style to find a good pose for her. Below is the beginning sketch and the reference pose I’m using. The photo is too low-res for me to really see the fingers of the right hand, so I had to make that part up a bit.

Toph chu-2

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Random Art

That’s really the only way to describe this post. I tried out a few different things and threw them up on Society6 (links below):

Orchids (print)


Book Magic (card version shown here)


Doodles (tote bag version shown here)


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Katara Pt 3

The finished Katara! For now, at least. Next up: Toph?


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Katara Pt.2- Water is Weird

Three screenshots of Avatar waterbending will give you three different styles of drawing water, which really doesn’t help when trying to find a solid, recognizable reference. So I went with what I thought looked best for the pose. WIP, will hopefully finish tomorrow.


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