Next Up in Drawings That Only Make Sense to Me

Last post I mentioned I’d do all 9 characters in this set of characters you don’t know anything about. Well, I’m a woman of my word, so here’s the second one:


Pitchforks are a mutual weapon between all nine characters, but I liked the pose without her actually holding it, so into the crystal ball it went.

At the risk of sounding horribly nerdy, I’ll elaborate a smidge on what these drawings are. If you scroll down, you’ll see a few drawings of Salem and Derrick, the two main characters of this thing I wrote. I wouldn’t call it a book, as it’s a couple thousand words too short, so let’s just call it a thing.

Salem & Derrick, my buds, live on one island of nine, and they have counterparts on each island. What I’m drawing is all of Salem’s counterparts. I’ve already drawn her counterpart from Sing-Ma (She of a Thousand Shadows, post below), and up above is the Marsh Witch from the Copper Shores.

There, was that enough nerd for ya? Feel the need to push glasses up the bridge of your nose and go read Harry Potter for the fifth time? Can’t say I blame you.

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Drawing Horses That Don’t Look Like Dogs!

Today I had a thought. ‘Why don’t you draw something other than Salem and Derrick?’ I asked myself.

‘That’s a good thought,’ I told myself. ‘Maybe I’ll even draw something people know!’

One outta two ain’t bad for a Saturday.


When I drew horses in middle school, they looked like dog-cow-giraffe hybrids with kangaroo legs. I’m happy to say that this is not that.

The woman on the horse is part of a set of characters from Salem’s world. Now that I’ve done Salem and this chica, I’ll probably be doing the whole set- 9 total, I think. We’ll see how long it takes.


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Jump Kick Punch- Now in Color!

Still WIP.


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Jump Kick Punch!

So maybe no punching. Just the jumping and kicking. Will clean & color tomorrow.


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Annakira Yakone

New D&D campaign coming up, and I’m drawing my character before we’ve even played the first session. Am I a little obsessed? Nah.

I thought it’d be fun to figure out what she looked like before halfway through the campaign, so I tried a few things, all based off the various water tribe outfits in Avatar & Korra (since she’s a waterbender):


rough blank I started with for each


Too much like Katara


I like it, but a little too much like Toph/Bolin


Too much Mako. we’re just making the rounds here.


Winner winner chicken dinner

But apparently four drawings isn’t enough, because I did this one today. Not cleaned up at all, and jury’s still out on what the face and hair should really look like, but I like it so far.


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Pop Funko Aang

Joe got me a DIY Pop Funko doll for my birthday, so naturally I made him Aang. (There aren’t any Avatar-themed Pop Funko dolls yet). I’ve never worked with acrylic or clay like this before, so all things considered, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.


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Geometric Derrick

Now that I’ve figured out how to draw Derrick, I can’t help myself. He had to match geo Salem.


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