Withdrawal Drawing

The problem: withdrawal. Culprit: D&D. Solution: Drawing our characters as the Avengers. That’ll make everything better!

Up first: my girl, of course, and Iron Man, of course.

Iron Twig?


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White Walker Monster Movie Poster- Final

Here ya go!


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Game of Thrones Retro Monster Movie Poster- WIP

Stupid morning commutes, giving me ideas and things. This morning it gave me the idea to make a retro monster-movie poster for The White Walkers.

So I am.

WIP so far, with the poster reference I’m using below:


And the poster reference I’m using:



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Water Tribe

The faces were a little bit easier today, and I’m happy with how the water turned out in the Katara bit.

(yeah, yeah, eventually I’ll draw something other than Avatar)


Best facial expression on the practice site thus far:


This one looks odd, but I swear it actually looks like the person I was trying to draw:angry_face

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Back to the Aang Gang

Sort of. I just did one drawing to wrap up my face practice. Aang has a face, right?

Face_Shaded Face_Line

Love drawing this kid:

Aang_Line Aang_Color

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Birds of Prey

So far I’ve been sketching from practice-pose websites, model photos, and the Saga comics. This time I tried drawing from the one Birds of Prey issue I have, thanks to a giveaway at work. For some reason, these faces were much easier than the Saga or the real ones. Maybe they simplify them more than Saga does?

canary_face charlie_keen_face katana_face

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You Know What They Say- Practice Makes Hand Cramps

Hand cramps, not really. Butt cramps, yes. IKEA chairs, amirite?

More face practice. Alternating between gestures, faces, expressions, sketching from Saga, back to gestures.


^ shading practice- you’re probably wondering if the model in the reference photo actually had a weird plastic-surgeried nose. Answer: yes.


Reference from quickposes, I think


And a sleeping Alana from Saga. I’ll never understand how Fiona Staples puts together the faces of Saga in just a few lines, especially with the bkgd characters. Even when you look at them and go, “wait, that shouldn’t make sense proportionally, but it does and I totally buy it and it looks great.”

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